Success doesn’t happen overnight

Are you constantly running and feel like the finish line is too far away? Sometimes giving up seems easier. You need to remind yourself, success doesn’t always happen overnight. Lionel Messi was quoted as saying… I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an […]

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How To Use an ‘Athlete’s Mindset’ In Business

Do you continuously chase your goals or give up when the going gets tough? From hard work and discipline to competitiveness, athletes have developed specific characteristics that enable them to succeed. These characteristics are what make or break an athlete over their career. Successful athletes aren’t always the ones with the most talent but are […]

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Be the driver, be in control

In your life existence, there are so many things you do without an effort, without being aware that you are doing so. You never questioned how you accomplish them effortlessly? What would you say, if I share with you that, there is nothing you achieve today that is new to you?  You achieve them because […]

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This is my purpose: Changing the world through sport

I believe you need to have a purpose in life. A purpose gives you a reason to exist, keeps you motivated and gives you something to base your life decisions on. This is my purpose. Everything I do is rooted in sport. From training to stay healthy, watching sport or understanding an athlete mindset to […]

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How sport can build a Strong Foundation for your Business

A lot of people often wonder why their businesses are not working or why businesses nowadays have a shorter life span compared to numerous others that were formed 100 years ago but still in existence today and are powerhouses in their industries. It all goes back to one thing, which is making sure that you […]

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