What shapes you does not define you. Instead, you are defined by what you do in spite of the factors that shaped you.

What Shaped You?

From the time you were born to your early adulthood, you were shaped and moulded into a version of the person you are today by factors largely outside of your control.

Culture, family, friends, media, language, gender, hobbies, your community or neighbourhood, and your country, traditions, all combined to shape you.

You responded to these factors by making decisions (good or bad) that brought about consequences (good or bad).

These factors, decisions and consequences brought about positive or negative personal, social and emotional experiences that you internalised with mental pictures. As you pieced these pictures together you developed your selfimage.

This self-image comes from:
1. How you now see yourself;
2. How others see you; and
3. How you now perceive others see you.

Your self-image – the mental pictures you hold in your mind – will determine how much value you place on yourself (self-worth/esteem).

The higher the value you place on yourself, the greater the potential you believe you have to be bigger, better, and greater (self-concept).

It’s crazy to think that factors largely outside of your control at an early age impact your self-image, in turn setting up a domino effect with your self-worth and self-concept.

Your Past Does Not Define You

What shaped you has made you who you are. Your past is your past – you cannot change that!

But your past does not define you!

No! You are defined by the choices and decisions you make that defy your past, and are vastly better than the mental pictures you hold in your head.

Your character is measured in these choices and your determination to swim upstream is what will define you as a god among mere mortals.

You are defined by the person, the athlete, the business person you choose to become in spite of your past.

You have the power to choose what you want from this life. You have personal power to take what you want and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember, you are not defined by who you are today, but by who you choose to become tomorrow, and the actions you take to unleash your personal power.


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